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Note to Users
Please help to keep AEMF clean

It has been brought to our attention that users have stored quite a number of their research items in AEMF.   Some equipment, testing samples and research items not belonging to AEMF are being stored in AEMF.   Please note that AEMF is a central laboratory and items not belonging to AEMF should be removed after the experiments. 

AEMF’s labs and its operations will be reviewed by a panel consisting of external reviewers on 18-January-2018.  In order to prepare the laboratory for this review, we would urge you to remove your belongings (equipment, testing samples and research items) from AEMF laboratories by 31-December-2017. Anything left in AEMF on or after 1-January-2018 will be considered as obsolete items and they will be disposed of without further notice.

We hope that with this email, you can help us to clean up AEMF.  Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation to this matter!