Charging Scheme

I. HKUST Internal Users

  1. General Maintenance Fee of AEMF laboratories: HK$ 200/faculty/year (Note 1, 2)
  2. Fees for using individual equipment and facilities
    1. Different rates for four different categories of equipment (see Table 1):
      - Category 1: HK$ 5/hour (Note 3)
      - Category 2: HK$ 2/hour (Note 3)
      - Category 3: HK$ 5/half an hour (Note 4)
      - Category 4: Free of charge (Note 1, 5). Otherwise HK$ 2/hour.
    2. The recording time is based on the check-in and check-out times of equipment. (Note 6)
    3. The maximum charges are limited to HK$ 200/month/user, excluding the penalty charges in Note 6.
  3. Other charges
    1. Consumables: The actual cost, such as liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gas, will be charged separately to the users.


  • Note 1: For faculty members whose research team uses AEMF facility for ten times or more per year.
  • Note 2: General Maintenance Fee will be charged at the end of each year and will be waived if the Research Output data arising from the use of AEMF facilities is provided.
  • Note 3: After rounding up to the nearest hour
  • Note 4: After rounding up to the nearest half an hour
  • Note 5: Free of charge for faculty members who pay the General Maintenance Fee in Note 1 (which can be waived according to Note 2).
  • Note 6: A penalty of HK$200 will be imposed to the users who reserve a piece of equipment but do not to show up within 15 minutes of booking time. The said equipment will be open to other users.
  • Note 7: For RGC/ITF joint project with a HKUST faculty member(s) will be charged at the same rate as internal users. The project code(s) approved by Research Office should be provided.
  • Note 8: External users pay an additional 16% of the equipment use fees to cover administrative costs.
  • Note 9: For external users who pay HK$ 3000 or more for the year.
  • Note 10: The charge rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Table 1. Equipment Categories

Category Equipment
Category1 ASC Process Systems Autoclave
  MTS 810 100kn Universal Testing Machine
  MTS 858
  MTS 858 Mini Bionix
  Hydraulic Hot Press
  Diamond Saw
  Twin Screw Extruder
Category2 Furnaces, Nabertherm
  Furnace, Carbolite 1700°C
  Tube Furnace
  Humidity Chamber
  Surface Area Analyzer
Category 3 Tecscan 7 Axis Immersion Scanner
  Quantum 350 Scanning Acoustic Microscope
  Nanome|X Automatic Nanofocus X-Ray Inspection System
  Zeta Potential Analyzer
  Particle Size Analyser
  IR Camera