Safety Regulation

1. Working in Advanced Engineering Materials Facility

The Advanced Engineering Materials Facility (AEMF) is a multi-disciplinary central research facility located at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST).  Its mission is to provide state-of-the-art research equipment and technical expertise for HKUST as well as Hong Kong industries to develop advanced engineering materials technology and its applications.  The facility's research areas include Processing, Microstructural Design and New Materials Development, Non-destructive Testing and Failure Analysis, Applied Mechanics and Testing Methodology.
Before any user is admitted into AEMF laboratories, he/she will be requested to go through the following application procedures and briefings.

  1. He/she needs to fill a work request form briefly describing his/her samples, instruments required and the proposed test condition.  Besides, he/she needs to get authorized signature from his/her supervisor in order to validate the work request form.  To provide users with more flexibility, the work request needs to be submitted and updated on a monthly basis. All PGs and RAs are permitted to work alone.  On this basis, touch card keys are issued to them.  All UGs are asked to work under the supervision of their TAs or AEMF staff.  They are permitted to work during office hour only.
  2. He/she needs to complete the safety clearance form supplied by AEMF.
  3. All users are requested to read the safety & environmental protection manual provided by the safety & environmental protection office of HKUST and the AEMF safety guidelines and regulations.
  4. All users are requested to walk through the laboratories with AEMF staff to identify the location of safety equipment such as first aid box, sand bucket, fire extinguisher and emergency exhaust switch, etc.
  5. All those who use chemicals will be asked to store chemicals in appropriate chemical storage cabinets and will be introduced about chemical waste disposal methods and the proper use of fume-hoods.  Besides, they will be asked to supply us description of chemical reaction involved and the Material Safety Data Sheets of their chemicals.

2. General Safety Policies

AEMF will assume all reasonable directives possible to protect all AEMF users, staff, and the environment and that all users and staff and the laboratory in which we work will fully comply with all regulations and prudent operating practices.