MTS 810 Universal Testing Machine
  • Load range from 5KN to 100KN
  • Test fixtures: tension, isosipescu shear, boeing compression after impact, three point bending and four point bending.
  • Extensometer: 25mm gage length
MTS 858 Universal Testing Machine
  • Axial tension-compress and torsional tests with fatigue capability
  • Maximum combined loading is 15kN axial and 100 Nm torsion
  • 25kN +/- 5N Axial Force Load Cell and 250 Nm Torque Load Cells
  • 270 (+/-135) degree Travel
MTS 858 Mini Bionix
  • Table-top Design with vertical test orientation
  • Electro-mechanical linear drive actuator with 100mm total displacement
  • 25KN Axial Load 
  • 250 Nm Torsional Load