AEMF Machine Booking Procedure

First Time Users


Please Read


1. Registration


     First, please Register on the AEMF WWW page. Fill in the details requested on the form.

     The password is one you MAKE up. Please do not use the HKUST network/email password.


     Enter AEMF Home Page :


     Under the  Service & Request


2. Submit a request


     Fill in your Details on the on the AEMF WWW page. The account number OR project code should be

     a valid HKUST account number, either departmental OR grant number.


     Select which type of request you are making


    For the user is HKUST’s Staff & Student


    Click Internal Work Request


   For the user is outsider and other sister’s institute


   Click External Work Request


   Fill in the details of your request. The forms are validated, so if  you have not completed them properly

    you will receive a message asking you to try again - click on the browser back button and re-enter.


   A reply accepting your request will be displayed.



3. Machine Reservation


   Enter Booking System


   Key in the User name and Password you assigned in the work request form


   Select the time slot you want to use the machine