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Nano Indenter

  Nano Instrument, Inc. - Nano Indenter II
  Load-controlled & displacement-controlled system 4 calibrated load ranges: 10, 40, 180 & 700mN maximum; resolution +/- 75nN
  Theoretical depth resolution: +/-0.04nm spatial resolution in x-y direction of x-y-z sample table: +/-0.4 micro-meter
Additional hardware:
  Lateral Force Measurement (LFM): an effective tool in characterizing scratch resistance in bulk materials & coatings, and adhesion & mode of faailure in thin films. By monitoring the lateral force of the scratch tip alkong with the normal force, the coefficient of friction may be determined.
  Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM): a quasi-static indentation is transformed into a full dynamic test by CSM by means of a relatively small oscillating force applied to the indentere. This force oscillation of known phase & amplitude interacts with the sample, which response with a displacement phase & amplitude characteristic of the stiffness of contact with the indenter. CSM allows hardness & modulus to be determined as a function of depth with single indentation.