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Repair of Concrete Beam Using Composite Materials
Application of Transdermal Technology to Health Care Products Manufactured in Hong Kong
To develop a sprayable solution with active ingredients that will leave a film on skin. We are examining a set of film forming solutions. The solutions are prepared by dissolving a polymer in an appropriate solvent. Then active ingredient is mixed into the polymer solution at room temperature and elevated temperature. The physical properties of the films formed by spraying the solutions on a substrate will be investigated. The release characteristics of the drug into simulated fluids or into a buffer solution will also been studied.
Plastic Optical Fibers
To produce and develop plastic optical fibers for illumination, data transmission purpose etc...
Investigation and Recommendation of Mosaic Tile system
To investigate the deterioration and failure of mosaic tiling systems in several buildings and recommend measures for improvement and recommend techniques to determine appropriate specifications for monitoring and identification of potential failure.

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