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The focal point of the Advanced Engineering Materials Facility is 430-square-metre research laboratory located in the Rooms 4228-30 of the Academic Building on the HKUST campus.

research Research

The main function of the facility is to provide research equipment necessary for the investigation of advanced engineering materials and structures. The AEMF facilitates research programs in polymer processing, fiber reinforced composites as well as metallic, ceramic and concrete materials.

State-of-the-art analytical, processing and testing equipment is available. Equipment includes:
Instrumentation for surface and interfacial analysis
Experimental mechanics
Metal, polymer and composite fabrication and characterization
Apparatus for characterization of chemical, thermal and physical properties of advanced engineering materials.

The Facility's equipment and services are also available to researchers or engineers from other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and from the government and private sectors.
Equipment List and Specifications of Main Equipment