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Name Project title
Dr. Annette Teng Failure analysis
Dr. Annette Teng Electronic packaging
Dr. C. C. Chang Control of bridges using ATMD
Dr. C. C. Chang Technology for intelligent building control using water sloshing devices
Prof. C. M. Chan Immiscible polymer blends / CB composites
Prof. C. M. Chan Investigation of ETFE/PMMA, ETFE/PC blends
Prof. C. M. Chan Properties and morphology of PS/HDPE blends
Prof. C. M. Chan Polymer blend and processing
Prof. C. M. Chan Effect of interfacial conditions in extrusion & injection molding of polymer
Prof. C. M. Chan PS/PE/SBS Blend
Dr. C. Nguyen Gyroscope
Dr. Christopher Leung Interfacial properties in cementitious composites
Dr. David Lam Road barrier
Dr. David Lam Cement foam
Dr. David Lam Rapid prototyping
Dr. David Lam Anisotropic conductive film
Dr. David Lam Fracture energy during binder burnt out
Dr. David Lam Acoustic absorption pad
Dr. David Lam Foamed cement
Dr. David Lam Electronic packaging (ACF)
Dr. David Lam Sintering of bimodal compact
Dr. David Lam Cement foam
Dr. David Lam Characteristic of wax paper in Rapid prototyping
Dr. Gianluca Li Puma Kinetics and modeling of photoreactor
Dr. Guanghao Chen Shumen river
Dr. J. K. Kim Interphase properties of GRP
Dr. J. K. Kim Mechanical properties of CF/PEEK
Dr. J. K. Kim Process control and interface optimization
Dr. J. K. Kim Friction and wear properties of HDD
Dr. J. K. Kim Reliability of IC packages
Dr. J. K. Kim Glass fiber composite
Dr. J. K. Kim Investigation of interfacial properties of CF-PEEK
Dr. J. K. Kim PCB investigation
Dr. J. K. Kim Reliability of I.C. packages
Dr. J. K. Kim Bamboo/aluminum composites
Dr. J. K. Kim The analysis of carbon fiber /PEEK composite interface
Dr. J. K. Kim Nano-scratch machine
Dr. J. K. Kim Processing condition and interface optimization
Dr. J. K. Kim Interlaminar properties of glass woven fibers
Dr. J. S. Wu Materials characterization in polymer
Dr. J. S. Wu Wood fiber/PP composite
Dr. J. S. Wu Plastic blend of PE/PS
Dr. J. S. Wu Recycling of used plastic materials (PE/PS)
Dr. J. S. Wu Hard hat
Dr. J. S. Wu Making of sample boards
Dr. J. S. Wu Relationship between particle size and toughness for rigid polymer blends
Dr. J. S. Wu Reactive blending of polyethylene and polypropylene
Dr. J. S. Wu Geometry effect on the essential work of fracture measurement
Dr. J. S. Wu Safety hat test
Dr. J. S. Wu Study on the impact resistance of the materials used for hard hat
Dr. J. S. Wu The research of microstructure for polymer blends
Dr. J. S. Wu Polymer blends and composites
Dr. J. S. Wu Mechanical properties of RP parts
Dr. J. S. Wu Hydrothermal washing
Dr. J. S. Wu The study of rapid prototype
Dr. J. S. Wu Polymer blend of PBT & rubber
Dr. K. L. Yeung Soluble ceramics precursor
Dr. Kinglun Yeung Synthesis zeolite
Dr. Leng Yang PC/LCP in situ composite
Dr. Leng Yang Characterization of HA coating on Ti alloy
Dr. Leng Yang Graphite intercalation compounds
Dr. Leng Yang Mechanical behavior of sintered steel
Dr. Leng Yang Biomedical materials research
Dr. Leng Yang Characterization of materials for biomaterial implantation
Dr. Matthew Yuen Electronic packaging failure analysis
Dr. Matthew Yuen Compression test of granular particle
Dr. Matthew Yuen Injection molding machine controller system
Dr. Matthew Yuen Dispensing system for LCD
Dr. Matthew Yuen Testing characteristic of epoxy molding compound
Dr. Neville Lee Development of microdevice systems
Dr. P. Gao Polymer processing aid
Dr. Q. P. Sun Testing on the smart materials
Dr. Q. P. Sun Study the deformation behavior of CuAlNi SMA
Dr. R. F. Xiao Investigation on advanced engineering materials
Dr. Ricky Lee Composite repair
Dr. Ricky Lee Qualification of BGA
Dr. Ricky Lee Reliability testing of electronics packaging
Dr. Ricky Lee Micro-gyroscope
Dr. Ricky Lee Virtual wiper
Dr. Ricky Lee Stress analysis
Dr. Ricky Lee Bonded repair of aircraft structure
Dr. Ricky Lee Reliability testing of plastic packaging
Dr. Ricky Lee Piezoelectric actuator
Dr. Ricky Lee Applications of composite shield for safety engineering
Dr. Ricky Lee Composite grid systems
Dr. Ricky Lee Study of solder joint reliability BLP packages
Dr. Ricky Lee Crack patching repair
Dr. Ricky Lee Bonded repair of aircraft structure
Dr. Ricky Lee Measurement of microhardness by nanoindenter
Dr. Ricky Lee Assembly process for PBGA packages
Dr. Rongfu Xiao Diamond film
Dr. S. Lee Calibration of TSD
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Stress and fracture of thin film
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Residual stress and fracture of thin films
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Fracture behavior of PZT ceramics
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Graphite composite materials
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Stress corrosion cracking
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Synthesis of graphite intercalation compounds by electrochemical method
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Fracture behavior of piezoelectric material
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Hydrogen diffusion in Fe-Ni alloy
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Testing thin-film with nanoindenter
Dr. T. Y. Zhang Hydrogen permeation and hydrogen diffusion
Dr. Tianshou Zhao Heart pipe
Dr. Tsui TQM Project
Dr. Wai Ming To Road barrier
Dr. Wai Ming To Sound absorption cement
Dr. Zongin Li Concrete durability
Dr. Zongin Li Extruded fiber-reinforced cement
Dr. Zongin Li High performance concrete
Dr. Zongin Li Rebar corrosion in concrete
Dr. Zongin Li Fiber-reinforced concrete
Dr. Zongin Li Impact strength investigation of Al/Bamboo laminates
Dr. Zongin Li Tile inspection
Dr. Zongin Li Corrosion inspection of high performance concrete
Mr. C. C. Chan SAM on To-220 Motorola samples
Mr. C. C. Chan Rapid prototype
Prof. H. S. Kwok LCD temperature dependence
Prof. Madeline Wu Subcellular localization of Cd-binding complexes in algae
Prof. P. L. Yue De-odorisation of indoor air by a novel photocatalytic treatment method
Prof. Philip Chan Gas sensor / IGS005
Prof. Tongxi Yu Static compression
Prof. Tongxi Yu Interlaminar properties of bamboo
Prof. Tongxi Yu Mechanical properties of bamboo as natural composite
Prof. Tongxi Yu Dynamic indentation
Prof. Tongxi Yu Reliability of bamboo poles with cracks used in construction scaffold
Prof. Tongxi Yu Manufacturing of a chiral honeycomb